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A Guide to Photometric Glass Terms

When selecting glass types such as low E glass or solar control glass it is important for architects, M&E Consultants and owner /occupiers to measure how the glass will perform in a window or façade.

The values published are known as Photometric properties (light) however we also include thermal properties, energy properties plus acoustic properties of the glazing if available.It is possible to construct double or triple glazed insulated glass units with different glass types & thickness, different cavity thickness & different gas fills which make up our extensive range of  Vistatherm,  solar neutral,  structural glazing & Wallglass products.Carey Glass can calculate the Photometric properties of the unique combinations.Glass properties which are listed will impact in the performance of a building over its lifetime for example; Poor light transmission though the glazing will mean more lighting The lower the U-value the better thermal insulation (less heat loss) & The lower the solar factor will mean less solar heat gain, which will all have a impact on the air conditioning load.

Acoustics is another import factor, particularly in urban areas or buildings constructed near infrastructure such as airports and motorways; health care, educational & office space where noise control is paramount.

Source: Glassonweb