Picture Perfect

Enabling the latest design and performance innovations, our digital printing, screen printing and ceramic painting capabilities help bring detailed concepts to life.

Current Max Size:

6,000 mm X 3,210 mm (19'9" X 10'7")


Digital Printing

Providing full-colour, photorealistic resolution, digital printing offers 720 dpi with micro-drop precision, up to 100% opacity and edge-to-edge coverage.

  • Ability to print any image
  • Bird-friendly glass printing available
  • Full facade digital printing
  • Anti-slip flooring

Screen Printing

A cost-effective solution for high-volume print jobs, screen printing allows a 1 or 2-colour design to be applied consistently on different sizes and shapes of glass.

  • Wide range of standard designs and colours available
  • Four certified patterns for anti-slip coating of floor glass

Ceramic Painting

Ideal for concealing unattractive structural details, our specialised acrylic ceramic enamel can be fired onto the surface of any glass panel to provide high opacity and rich colour.

  • Nine standard enamel colours available


  • Available on curved, laminated, toughened and IGU glass
  • Scratch and acid resistance
  • Supports sunlight diffusion, energy efficiency, temperature control, privacy measures and other performance requirements
  • Solar neutral and low-E options with IGU panes
  • Additional fabric interlayer options available
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