A Cut Above

Whether a pane of glass is destined for a sky-scraping office high-rise or a residential development, its journey begins by being cut to size and edged to spec. we cut and edge treat more than 14,000 square metres of glass every day, with unmatched precision and detailed attention to every cut.

Current Max Size:

9,000 mm X 3,210 mm (29'7" X 10'7")



Water-jet and diamond cutting available for thicknesses up to 19 mm (1 in.)

Edging & Polishing

Straight-line, CNC, angled and radius edging for panes up to 19 mm (1 in.) thick


Holes, notches and cut-outs for functional and decorative purposes, for thicknesses up to 19 mm (1 in.)

26 CNC machines for edging, polishing and drilling

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