Big Glass, Big Volume

14,000 square metres of glass a day

As the largest single-site glass processors in Europe, with more than a million square-feet of processing facilities, we work with leading building envelope contractors to deliver high-quality, high-volume, to-spec glass products that perform. We understand the demands of curtain wall construction and the importance of prompt,
efficient service. Our dedicated North American and European account managers are just a phone call away, and our experienced production team is working 24/7 to fulfil orders for some of the world’s most demanding and impressive envelope projects.

There’s nothing they can’t do

They are one of the most technically advanced glass processors in the world, and they have always spent big on the best and latest technology. There’s nothing they can’t do and their quality is always excellent. We trust them to deliver a high quality, complete product, on time.
President of a leading, North American based, building envelope provider

They can deliver the big units, big capacity and high quality we need

We work with three glass processors, but the lion’s share of our business goes to Carey. They can deliver the big units, big capacity and high quality we need, and we work really well together. They help us do what we do, providing guidance, giving us options, suggesting smarter, more cost-effective ways of doing things. All our key staff have been to their impressive facility in Ireland, which has been helpful for us to understand the various processes. Plus, it’s impressive to see the level of quality control they build into their processes.
Director of a large, UK-based, building envelope provider