Impressive, Innovative Interiors

Internal decorative and structural glass

As new technology enables greater use of glass in building interiors, our team is uniquely capable of working with internal glazing contractors across the UK, Ireland, Europe and North America to fulfil design and performance goals.
We process all glass types in-house, with innovative, qualified, experienced technical and production teams available to advise on the use, treatments and possibilities of glass within any project.

We find them responsive, friendly and highly knowledgeable

Glass is key to what we do and more often than not we chose Carey Glass for their service, quality, speed, range and price. We find them responsive, friendly and highly knowledgeable.
Director of a specialist, UK based, glazing contractor

We lean on their glass expertise

Carey are our lead supplier when we have a project with extensive internal glazing. They deliver the big sizes, quantities and finishes we need. We lean on their glass expertise to support our own specifications team and we find their people to be both accessible and very helpful.
A senior engineer in a leading, UK based, fit-out contractor