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Innovation is ongoing when it comes to glass processing, which means the potential for glass to enhance and inspire building design is always growing. For more than 50 years, we have actively invested in the people, technology and equipment needed to expand our capabilities and keep
us at the leading edge of what’s possible with processed glass, both functionally and aesthetically. Our payoff is helping ambitious architects and engineers complete projects that impress, perform, inspire and endure.

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Technical Support

Our expert technical team is available to answer questions, advise on job specifications and even help plan your glass solution.

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Exploring Possibilities

Discover the latest innovations in glass processing and performance, and explore how glass can be used.

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Data & Documentation

Get the specific technical information you need, including data for acoustics, security, safety, temperature control and more.

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Request a CPD Presentation

Learn about glass processing capabilities, the performance potential of treated glass and applications in exterior and interior designs.

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Schedule a tour of our processing facilities to see first-hand what’s possible with processed glass and meet our specialist teams.

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