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CareyGlass Buys 2.500 Milestone ‘EASY-LIFTER’ from Glaston

Source: Glassonweb.com

Independent glass processor, Irish based CareyGlass, has recently made investments in Glaston technology with the purchase of an EASY-LIFTER handling device. The sale of the 2.500th EASY-LIFTER machine is a milestone for Glaston, with the foundation for this success originally laid by the former Armatec company and then continued under the former Bystronic glass brand and finally under Glaston now.

With an impressive 1,000,000 sq.ft production facility that boasts 12 insulating glass (I.G.) lines and 12 tempering ovens, CareyGlass has been pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with glass for over 55 years.  The company processes 14,000 sq ft of glass every day, so it is essential to be able to move the various glass types with ease.

The Glaston EASY-LIFTER enables an operator to carry flat glass quickly and easily, having rigid guidance and its own low dead weight. Movement is light as a feather which reaffirms why this is one of the most popular products in the UK glass processor’s portfolio.

For this EASY-LIFTER investment, the rigid load guidance is already proving a great advantage on the production floor, as the glass can always be suctioned with its lower edge being completely horizontal when hanging in the air. Handling glass safely and accurately is essential, particularly in such large premises as those at CareyGlass. Minimum operator intervention is required with adjustable lifting speed and all vacuum creation handled by the powerful Venturi nozzles, where each pad has a secure, self-holding system.

Time consuming readjustments to the insulating glass units have now been eliminated at Carey Glass, with fast, flexible and safe glass transportation incorporating ergonomic and economic aspects via this device.

As the EASY-LIFTER can easily rotate, tilt, incline and turn glass on the production floor, it guarantees safe and flexible handling for the operator. Furthermore, it can feed and remove glass units for I.G. sealing, tempering furnaces, pane turning or screen printing.

CareyGlass is focused on customer care, ensuring that only the best quality products are supplied, on time and with excellent technical support. The company is proud of the reputation it has established over the last 55 years, with a large number of national and international key companies who carry out large commercial projects. In addition, for those requiring products for smaller refurbishment projects the company will happily work with smaller fabricators and manufacturers to provide complete solutions across the sector.

The Company’s commitment to providing the best processed glass available means they continually invest in the latest machinery, regularly and thoroughly test their processes and maintain standards of quality that exceed all industry requirements.

For Glaston, the 2,500th EASY-LIFTER is a milestone. This is a perfect partnership, with CareyGlass and Glaston sharing the same corporate ethos – to provide the right solutions, time after time, that will exceed customer expectations.

For Glaston as one of the most technically advanced glass machinery suppliers in the world, this ensures that customers can meet the needs of a more demanding and ever-changing glass market.

Evelyn Carey, at CareyGlass comments, “As we have total in-house control of the quality and delivery requirements for each customer’s project, we have to invest in reliable equipment and machines that meet our needs. Handling such high volumes of glass means that we must keep production methods as simple as possible where necessary without losing any of the guarantees. As we process all glass types in-house, with a highly qualified and experienced team, the EASY-LIFTER greatly simplifies handling for them.
We are also thrilled to be part of Glaston’s production story, having purchased this ‘special’ EASY-LIFTER – it certainly is proving its worth.”