A Glazing Guide
to High-Rise Buildings

Increasing building height isn’t the only challenge facing glaziers and architects today. High-rise façade design is rapidly evolving and becoming far more complicated and multifaceted.

Glaziers and architects face a difficult balancing act when it comes to high-rise facades; determining the right combination of aesthetics and performance, while creating an economically viable solution that can be safely constructed, and will qualify for the applicable environmental ratings.

In this guide, we outline how leading glaziers and architects are overcoming the top glazing challenges when it comes to high-rise façades including:

  • Design for wind loads
  • Consistency of colour
  • Oversized glass
  • Minimal optical distortion
  • Triple glazed

Download this guide to learn about the increasing array of innovative glazing possibilities for high-rise facades and to see inspiring examples from around the world.

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Glazing Guide for High-Rise Buildings