Cherrywood Business Park


Set in landscaped grounds, F2 and F3 are striking modern workspaces of 80,385 sq ft and 84,346 sq ft (GIA) that give you commanding presence at the centre of The Campus. Rising five storeys above a shared three-level basement, both buildings offer wide open views of Dublin’s coastline and mountains. Our workspace should be a catalyst, the spark that sets off daring ventures and great advances. Top architects Henry J Lyons have created the perfect conditions for your teams to interact and invent. Fully-glazed façades and floating stairwells add to the sense of unbounded space in which modern talent and ideas can flourish.


Main Specification: 11.5mm 70/35 Heat Strengthened Laminate, 20mm Black Warm edge Spacer, 8mm Clear Float, Argon Gas filled. Ceramic Border.
Floor to ceiling height glazing, with double height reception entrance. The glass type utilised allows for excellent light transmission without the heat that usually comes with it, thereby offering solar protection while reducing the need for artificial light. Ideal for fully glazed facades and large frame windows, combining excellent solar protection with outstanding thermal insulation.
Façades use a factory-made, stick-aluminium, thermally-broken curtain wall system with silver-anodised mullions and cappings and mid-iron double glazing.


Unleash your imagination and apply your ideal office layouts to large-span flexible floorplates. These are buildings that foster expansion, designed to adapt seamlessly to evolving ways of working and the needs of a growing workforce. Tall ceilings, full-height windows, bright workstations and faster connectivity conjure up a recipe for success. The project is designed to LEED Gold Design Standards. A globally recognised certification to achieve the best in energy & environmental efficiencies and use within commercial properties.

The Campus is a place with room to roam where office and outdoor life overlap by design. Revive and socialise in the fresh sea air on private rooftop terraces or meet in style in trendy lakeshore huddle pods. Commuting to F2 - F3? Plentiful parking and a warm welcome awaits. The shared basement will include bike lifts and repair stations, multiple vehicle charge points and hotel-grade shower, drying and locker rooms.