Essex Crossing


Essex Crossing is a collection of over 1,000 new residences, 400,000 square feet of office space and 800,000 square feet of retail spaces over nine sites that will enhance the culture and unique flavor of New York City's Lower East Side. 115 Delancey Street
is the largest at the Essex Crossing megaproject (site two). It features a five-story podium that will house 139,493 square feet of commercial-retail space, a new Essex Street Market, a 14 screen Regal movie theatre, and an urban farm on the podium roof.


o 6mm Suncool Pro T 70/40 on Optiwhite, Pilkington, Toughened, Arrised Edges
o 14mm Black Warm Edge Spacer Bar - Black Silicon Seal
o 6mm Low Iron, Pilkington Optiwhite, Toughened, Arrised Edges

o Typical dimensions for standard units 1607mm*3077mm, 1135mm*3194mm
o Typical dimensions for Shaped units 1421mm*3051mm, 1607mm*3194mm
o 420 units for the total project


The Essex Street Market celebrated its 75th birthday in 2016. Three-quarters of a century later, the southernmost warehouse between Broome and Delancey is now completely gone, and in its place a 'glassy' new megaproject designed by Handel Architects.