No. 4 Piccadilly Place


Number Four Piccadilly Place is situated in the heart of the city of Manchester central to the transport hub which includes Piccadilly Station, the Metro Link & Piccadilly Bus Station. It is one of many buildings within the complex which combined, house residential, commercial & retail dwellings all congregating to a water feature in the centre of the square. This building in particular has retail opportunities on the ground flood, commercial office spaces on the upper floors and an onsite car parking facility which is an added bonus due to it being central to the city.


Curtain Walling and IGU's


The development is state-of-the-art and the use of Curtain Walling adds to the flawlessly finished building which has a predominately glass façade. This building combined with the others in the complex creates and astonishing development that will cause you to stop still in the middle of a bustling city centre.