Cheltenham Racecourse


In a £45M redevelopment of Cheltenham race course, the largest ever undertaken by the Jockey club , a new five story main centre piece grandstand comprising of bars, toilet’s, restaurants, private/corporate boxes and viewing facilities for racegoers, all constructed during a full uninterrupted 2014/2015 race season!


2,5000m² combination of toughened, heat soak tested, PV laminate, Sentryglas & Polar white interlayers used on barriers & canopies.


To work with such a tight construction program, sections of precast concrete terraces were built on the ground & then hoisted into position. The completed terraces had glass barrier systems designed to meet the crowd loadings.
The interlayer types & glass thickness were calculated by Carey Glass by using FEA simulations, deflection & stress calculations for each of the barrier or canopy conditions encountered.