Lake Huron House


Located on the banks of Lake Huron in Canada, lies a beautiful summer house designed by SAOTA architects, the architects have taken great care to keep the design unobtrusive and sensitive to its setting, while still making an architectural statement with a high performance glass curtain wall facade. On approach, the house is largely concealed by the surrounding mature fir trees, appearing as a simple light-colored stone box floating effortlessly between the tree trunks. The rear of the house, facing Lake Huron, dissolves into a two-storey wall of glass washing natural light deep into the interiors.The way in which the building is largely obscured from the street and in turn screens views of the lake helps build suspense on arrival, only to satisfy the sense of anticipation on entry via the large pivot door. From the threshold, a dramatic triple-volume atrium lets in natural light and draws the eye outwards towards the view.


6mm 70/35 OptiWhite, Toughened, 16mm Black Warm Edge Spacer (PSI 0.036), 6mm Float, Toughened, 16mm Black Warm Edge Spacer (PSI 0.036), 6mm 70/35 OptiWhite, Toughened, Argon Gas Filled


This summer house is set on the banks of Lake Huron in a small, remote Canadian town about an hour’s drive from London, Ontario. While the architectural context might be characterised as somewhat conservative “cabin country”, this house attempts to extend the possibilities of the traditional lakeside family retreat through a contemporary architectural approach, harnessing recent developments in design, technology and sustainability to connect meaningfully with its beautiful natural setting while exploring new ways of enhancing the lifestyle experience of the family summer getaway.