Queen Richmond


QRC West is a landmark development in Toronto's Downtown West. Designed by Sweeny & Co. Architects, QRC-West is the result of executing one bold idea—to deeply respect the past while embracing a positive urban and sustainable future. This visually-striking development consists of a structural wall seven stories high. It is currently the tallest structural wall in North America.


IGU 44.7mm overall thickness
Exterior Glass: 10mm clear tempered (heat soaked) low iron with low-e coating to Surface #2.
Spacer: 13.2mm std warm edge grey spacer and PIB, argon glass filled.
Interior Glass: ‘21.5mm laminate’ 10mm clear tempered (heat soaked) low iron / 1.5mm PVB clear interlayer / 10mm clear tempered (heat soaked) low iron,
IGU perimeter sealant : grey silicone
Bird Friendly Ceramic Frit dot pattern applied to the 3rd Surface of IGU’s to Specific Elevation glass as required


It is a model of urban intensification, featuring the modernization of a historic building, together with the construction of a new, LEED Gold structure. QRC West is a superb integration of old and new, office and retail, communal and commercial, traditional and progressive, inspirational and functional. It offers forward-thinking companies character space with impact.


The Queen Richmond Centre West has been recognized with the award of highest distinction from the Ontario Association of Architects: The 2017 OAA Award for Design Excellence.