101 Lincoln Avenue


101 Lincoln Avenue is a mixed-use market-rate residential building occupying an entire city block at the foot of the Third Avenue Bridge. The building composition consists of three stand-alone 24-story towers and one 22-story tower On the Harlem River, the site has historically served as a freight transfer depot for rail, boats, and trucks. The building consists of 849 rental units with indoor and outdoor amenities, four retail spaces, 423 indoor attendant parking spaces, and a community facility. The entire project has a total above-and-below grade area 940,545 gross square feet


6mm SN63, Heat Strengthened, 12mm Black Warm Edge Spacer, 6mm Clear Float, Tempered, Argon Gas Filled.


The property has 500′ of waterfront frontage and will feature a 25,500 square feet waterfront public access area. The building will integrate its surroundings with multiple entry points: a residential entry courtyard from Lincoln Avenue for pedestrians and vehicles, a residential lobby entrance at Bruckner near Third, and retail access from all four corners.