Richmond-Adelaide Centre


The re-skinning of buildings is a recent trend that is picking up steam as Downtown Toronto is increasingly shedding its mid-century aesthetic for a contemporary blue-tinted look. Oxford Properties commissioned WZMH Architects to design the new skin for 120 Adelaide Street West. 120 Adelaide is a 26 storey tower built in the mid-1960s to late-1970s, the Modernist tower will be stripped of its black cladding and refinished with a new glazed curtain wall system. The new curtain wall skin will make use of clear vision glass with capless mullions throughout. Spandrel glass will cover the areas where the floor slabs and columns are located.


Adelaide is re-clad in a highly transparent glazing and spandrel glazed cassettes


120 Adelaide Street West is part of the Richmond Adelaide Centre. Each of the buildings in this complex are connected underground, and as such, form a part of Toronto’s underground PATH system. This PATH network offers pedestrian access to adjacent buildings, and link to Toronto’s subway (TTC), and commuter train systems, (Go Transit). In addition, 120 Adelaide has direct access to a new 410-seat food court, revitalized retail concourse and urban courtyard at the heart of the complex.