360 Huguenot Tower


Raising the Bar on Upscale Living - With frontage on both Main Street and Huguenot Street, this 28-story tower includes 280 residential units, 298 parking spaces; 16,836 square feet of retail space; 10,000 square feet to be used as a community black-box theater space; and a replica of the original Loew’s Theater marquee over the new theater entrance on Main Street. The homes at 360 Huguenot are a carefully curated blend of architecture, interior design, amenities and personal service. 360 Huguenot has a grand, vibrant entrance, yet still feels intimate, with spectacular views and floor-to-ceiling windows, making everyday life better, easier and more convenient. This destination is the smart choice made by intelligent people, who want the ease of Westchester, the style of Manhattan and the closeness to nature, family and friends.


6mm Royal Blue 41/29, Toughened, 12mm Black Warm Edge Spacer (PSI 0.036), 6mm Clear Float, Toughened, Argon Gas Filled, Screen Print Ceramic.
6mm HP Silver 43/31, Toughened, 12mm Black Edge Warm Spacer (PSI 0.036), 6mm Clear Float, Toughened, Argon Gas Filled, Ceramic Standard Colour.


360 Huguenot offers amenities that allow residents to relax, exercise and socialize. From the boutique-style lounge and game room, to the fitness center and landscaped outdoor spaces, the amenities provide a quality of life and level of convenience that make everyday living fun and exciting. Steps from your door, Huguenot and Main Streets will be home to 14,000sqft of vibrant, new retail. The Center for the Arts’ Black Box Theater on Main Street will be a new cultural amenity for the New Rochelle community, with a newy refurbished marquee.
A beloved player in the creative community, the theater marks an important commitment to elevate the artistic and social life of the neighborhood.