Astellas Pharma


Astellas Pharm Inc. is one of the world’s top 20 pharmaceutical companies, producing a range of innovative and reliable life-saving treatments for patients around the globe. Recognising the need for expansion and the need to ensure the highest manufacturing standards, the decision was made to upgrade and extend the company’s Irish manufacturing plant in Kilorglin, Co. Kerry. Known as the Astellas ARK project, the building has been designed using sustainable principals, limiting the company's impact on the environment.


Curtain Walling (Curved), Glass Balustrade
8mm suncool 50-25 Toughened HST – 20 – 8mm Toughened HST

All toggle glazed


As a global manufacturer, Astellas is committed to reducing its carbon emissions and acting in an environmentally-responsible way. To ensure the new building consistently performs efficiently and is thermally comfortable for its occupants, plans were drawn up using the EXEED (Excellence in Energy Efficiency Design) Design framework. Created by the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI), the program helps to establish a systematic approach to design, construction, and commissioning processes for energy-efficient investments and upgrades to existing assets.