Scotiabank Tower


Bay Adelaide Centre North, located on the north side of Temperance Street across from the existing East and West towers, will be a 32-storey, 820,000-square-foot office building with best-in-class operational, environmental and life-safety systems. Scotiabank has signed a commitment to lease 420,000 square feet – approximately 51% of the building – for 15 years as the anchor tenant of Bay Adelaide Centre North which will be known as The Scotiabank Tower. The Bay Adelaide Centre is ‘the centre of business’ and represents a new standard for AAA class office buildings due to the innovative design and technology incorporated into the construction and day-to-day operations, and integration with the heritage and community of the financial core. Once Bay Adelaide North is complete, this complex will be a destination for all to experience.


17.5mm Laminated Extra Clear, HP 60/40, Low Iron, Heat Strengthened, 20mm Black Warm Edge Spacer (PSI 0.036)
6mm Clear Float, Toughened, Argon Filled, Deep Filled Grey Sealant
Approximately 24,582 m2
Number of Units: 4,307


The tower will overlook Arnell Plaza to the south, a half-acre open space, as well as Cloud Gardens Park to the east. The building will have direct access to subways and the amenities of the PATH underground pedestrian system. Consistent with Bay Adelaide Centre West and East and several of Brookfield’s new office developments, Bay Adelaide Centre North will be designed to achieve LEED Platinum Core & Shell environmental certification.