St. Marks Cathedral


Carey Glass have been involved in a bespoke glass project with a top glazing contractor in Seattle WA. St Marks Cathedral founded in 1889. The church is the oldest Catholic church in the city and was in need of repair. As it is such a landmark building the aesthetics of the overhaul had to be as close to the original as possible.


The old glass was monolithic individual stain glass pieces. Carey Glass provided one of the Highest performing IGUs on today’s market which was oversize and required a digitally printed laminate inboard lite that emulated the different colors of the original stained glass. We also incorporated warm edge muntin bars to further divide the prints creating the effect of individual IG’s within a double glazed units.


Originally constructed in 1928, the cathedral remained only partially complete for decades as it underwent a series of gradual updates. The most recent improvements, particularly to the exterior, bring the cathedral to completion, lending a sense of visual unity and cohesion that embodies St. Mark’s mission of community service and accessibility.