The Roslin Innovation Center


With its western side clad in local stone and a ‘living wall’ and its eastern side appearing to float above ground, the building will become an icon for the University, and act as the gateway to the campus, which is home to The Roslin Institute, a world leading animal sciences research institute.



- 8mm Solar Neutral SK174ii Heat Soaked Toughened Outer, Solar Neutral Coating to Face 2
- 20mm Black Spacer & Argon filled cavity
- 10mm Clear Heat Soaked Toughened Inner, Digital screen print pattern to face 4


- 8mm Solar Neutral SKN174ii Heat Soaked Toughened Outer. Solar Neutral Coating to Face 2
- 20mm Black Spacer & Argon filled cavity,
- 10mm Clear Heat Soaked Toughened, Digital Screen print leaf pattern to Face 4

The challenging glazing specification features curved units with complex digital print leaf design on distortion free glass. The spandrels also with the solar coating and double print to match the vision glazing.


“The new building of the Easter Bush Innovation Centre will be an iconic gateway building within the Easter Bush Campus for the University of Edinburgh, and will act as a visual indicator of the University’s commitment to research excellence. We are enormously proud to be playing the key role in delivering such an outstanding building and are committed to ensuring it is completed to the very highest standards.” Paul Griffen, Construction Director Mc Laughlin & Harvey.