Blackpitts Hotel


The architectural language employed for the scheme has been informed by the robust industrial architectural heritage of the immediate area. The hotel building form is articulated as three individual volumes which respond to the geometry of the street.

The hotel rooms have been configured as a stone framed matrix of coloured panels & glazing which gently meanders to the line of Mill Street. This form rises to envelope the retained Tenters Pub to create a dramatic termination of the vista from New Row South.

The top two floors of the hotel block on Mill Street are set back significantly as a light glazed double penthouse. The West end of the hotel is configured to address the entrance to Warrenmount Convent and the proposed pocket park which punctuates this junction.


Spec A
6mm HS 70/35, Heat Strengthened, 18mm Black Warm Edge Spacer (PSI 0.036), 13.5mm Clear Heat Strengthened Acoustic Laminate, Argon Gas Filled

Spec B
13.5mm Heat Strengthened Elite 1.0 Acoustic Laminate, 18mm Black Warm Edge Spacer (PSI 0.036), 6mm Clear Float, Toughened, Heat Soak Tested, Argon Gas Filled, Ceramic Screen Print

Spec C
6mm Vista Therm Elite 1.0, Heat Strengthened, 18mm Black Warm Edge Spacer (PSI 0.036), 11.5mm Clear Heat Strenghtened, Acoustic Laminate, Argon Gas Filled


The 202-room hotel promises to offer relatively low rates to draw in young, contemporary consumers.

Those who find themselves wooed by the latest Apple devices and Androids will be pleased to hear the hotel will cater specifically to the needs of tech-enthused travellers.

US hotel company Marriot who are behind the €40million build told that the rooms will have a loft-like feel and will be built: "with the needs of the savvy, next-generation traveller in mind”.

Instead of using your run-of-the-mill key, guests will be able to open their hotel room doors through using an app on their apple watch or iphone