Athlone Town Centre


The development comprises of a 160 bedroom hotel, shopping mall and a covered Square with 70 retail units, restaurants, office accommodation and 150 Residential Units.


The roof comprises of over 300m² of 12mm SN73/39 TUF HST-14mm cavity Silicone Sealed with DC3362-13.5mm TUF HST laminated inner with a PVB interlayer. All the roof IGU’s were bolted using the Carey Glass Wallglass System (IGU leave the factory with the units bolted-huge time saver on sites). The Units were fixed to 446 Wallglass fittings with a project specific adjustable collar to allow for the tolerance of the steel structure which they were mounted.
The Apartment/hotel complex is a mixture of traditional curtainwall & bonded frames using a combination of 10mm SN71/43-16mm argon filled & 6.4mm Laminated glass or 8.4mm laminated glass (approx. 400m²) The units had a high acoustic requirement with a sound reduction of 40b
There we also a number of entrance screens using Wallglass structurally bolted screens with 21.5mm TUF HST laminated glass fixed back to a steel tension truss systems.


The development, which includes two internal streets and a central plaza, caters for almost every need of the modern lifestyle and reflects the Westmeath town’s prosperity, rapidly increasing size and its easy accessibility from locations within the region.