21 Queen Street Leeds


An outdated 1983 building is transformed into a contemporary office building, incorporating two new floors at roof level to provide 37,500ft² of Grade A office space.

"a bold and innovative approach to extending upwards..."
(from review in Yorkshire Evening Post 14.01.2011)


The facade of the existing building is uplifted by the installation of new curtain walling, with a high performance neutral glass incorporating digital printing, and minimal spandrel panel, increasing natural daylight to the offices and creating a far lighter appearance to the whole.


This project involved the addition of two new floors, the first of these is set back to respect the existing parapet wall and is treated as a simple glass envelope. The new top floor takes a different approach, pushing out over the floor below. The linear element is terminated by curved ends, one closed and one open mirroring the existing arched form of the brick base below. A vertical plane of glass to the primary staircase connects the new and existing elements. This breaks through the dominant red brick arches of the existing building and helps 'sign' the newly located entrance.